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The EB-1 green card is the most prestigious employment-based green card and it is reserved for those artists who are at the very top of the field.

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Eligibility Criteria

You must meet at least 3 of the 10 criteria below to prove extraordinary ability in the tattoo

  • Nationally or internationally recognized prizes or awards at major conventions

  • Membership in associations in the field which demand outstanding achievement of their members, such as a Pro Artist Team or other association for tattoo artists

  • Press articles about your work in major publications

  • Evidence that you have been asked to judge at conventions

  • Evidence of your original artistic contributions of major significance to the field, such as recommendation letters from fellow leading tattoo artists

  • Evidence that you have written articles that were published in major media or publications about tattoo art

  • Evidence that your work has been displayed at artistic exhibitions or showcases, such as conventions, galleries, or other major events

  • Evidence of your performance of a leading or critical role in distinguished organizations,such as being a leading or guest artist at prestigious studios around the world

  • Evidence that you command a high salary or other significantly high remuneration compared to other tattoo artists

  • Evidence of your commercial successes in the performing arts (this criterion is not applicable to the tattoo art field, but rather performing artists only)


The Green Card application is essentially two steps, first proving your extraordinary ability in
the field of tattoo art using Form I-140 and then applying for the Green Card. First, the I-140
application (extraordinary ability application) is submitted to the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services, or “USCIS.” You do not need a Sponsor, but rather these applications can be “self-petitioned.”

If approved, you move on to the second step to receive the Green Card. How you receive your
green card will depend on whether you are currently in the United States on another type of
visa or whether you are currently living abroad. If you are in the U.S., you may be eligible for
“adjustment of status,” meaning you will receive your Green Card in the U.S. If you are outside
of the United States, you will be required to obtain an immigrant visa through “consular
processing,” which means you will await an interview at a U.S. Embassy in your home country
and enter the U.S. with your immigrant visa. The Green Card will then be shipped to you once
you arrive.

Your immediate family members (spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21 years)
may receive “derivative” green cards as well.

In most cases, once you have had your Green Card for at least five years, you may be eligible to
apply for U.S. citizenship.


The filing fee for the I-140 is $700. Premium Processing service is available at the I-140 step to
guarantee a decision in 15 days for an additional fee of $2,500.

Adjustment of Status is $1,225 per person (including each family member).


The legal fee for an EB-1 application is $10,000+

These fees are subject to change. Please confirm with our office.

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