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Tattoo Visa is a full service immigration law firm dedicated to tattoo artists. We are highly experienced in representing artists in O-1 visas and EB-1 green cards. Every case is unique and we are committed to navigating the complicated immigration system in a process that is right for you and your career. 

Please review our Immigration Guides for Tattoo Artists.


The O-1B visa is for tattoo artists who have “extraordinary ability in the arts.” To qualify for this non-immigrant work visa, you must demonstrate that you are distinguished in the field through extensive documentation, such as proof of prizes, press articles, work at prestigious studios, recommendation letters from fellow artists, high salary, and more.

The O-1 application must be petitioned for by a Sponsor, which is most often the studio where you will be working in the United States. If you will be working for multiple studios, you can submit an itinerary of work and the application can be filed by one “Agent” on behalf of all of your employers.

There is no maximum period of time that you can remain in the United States on the O-1, although each initial application is valid for a maximum period of 3 years.


It is important to speak with a qualified immigration attorney to evaluate the details of your case. Please contact us for a free consultation.


The EB-1 green card is the most prestigious employment-based green card and it is reserved for those artists who are leading in the field. Unlike the O-1 visa, which is a temporary work visa, the EB-1 classifies you and your family members as permanent residents in the United States.

While the criteria for the EB-1 Green Card are similar to the O-1 visa, this application is heavily scrutinized by U.S. immigration. You must demonstrate that you have sustained acclaim in the field, through documents such as press articles in major publications, top prizes at the leading conventions and competitions, original contributions to the field, testimonials from fellow leading artists, extensive followers on social media, work displayed at exhibitions, sponsorships, judging tattoo conventions, high salary, and more.

You must demonstrate that you will continue to work as a tattoo artist in the United States when you have the Green Card, but you can self-petition the green card application (you do not need a petitioning studio or employer).


The EB-1 Green Card is complex and requires a considerable amount of documentation, research, and careful evaluation from a qualified immigration attorney. Please contact us to evaluate your case.

Click below to provide us with some basic details about your career.  Once you have submitted this form, someone from Tattoo Visa will contact you to schedule a consultation with our attorney to discuss your case. 
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