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Annie Cahill

Content Writer

The eldest sister of the twins here at Tattoo Visa, Annie has an undergraduate degree in history from U.C. Berkeley and a Master’s degree in Education. She spent twenty years working in public education, and is now working towards an additional degree in wildlife biology. She is an avid wildlife enthusiast and volunteers in a wildlife rehabilitation clinic in her spare time. As a nature lover, all of Annie’s tattoos feature birds or plants of some kind. Her favorite is a great blue heron arm piece tattooed by Moge Silva, at Empire Tattoos in Boston. She is also a published author who will be working with Tattoo Visa on projects that require written communications and content.

Like Katia, Annie is a distance runner who tries to get outside for at least a few miles as many days a week as she can. Annie and Katia ran the New York City Half Marathon together in 2014. She is also a knitter, a gardener, and a voracious reader of some of the nerdiest, most niche non-fiction books around. Annie lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and their "his and hers" collection of four kids, ages 10 to 17.

Annie Cahill
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