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Meet the
Tattoo Visa App.

Tattoo Visa is leveling up once again. 💪

We are thrilled to announce the Tattoo Visa App-- an effective tool to manage the documents, communication, status, and timeline for your immigration matter.


Available for Apple, Android, and web. 

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Communication is Key.

The Tattoo Visa App will provide constant communication in a simple-to-use messaging feature. Any questions and comments you have will be immediately addressed in organized channels as your applications moves through the work flows.


Video meetings and audio calls can also be schedule and conducted, right in the App. 

Document requests,
made easy.

No more lengthy checklists. The Tattoo Visa App will request all the required documents for your immigration application is simple work-flows that you can respond to in your own time. The App will track all of your file requests, so you can easily see what is completed and what's outstanding


Have a question about a document requested? Just ask in the chat of the file request. We'll be able to do the same!

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Know the status of your case, in real time. 

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Case processing is easily organized in channels on the App. You will see outstanding files that you must provide, tasks and to-do items, all in real time. These features will also give you a birds-eye view of where your case is in processing and the steps, if any, required to complete it. You'll also be able to track your case once it is submitted to immigration. 

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