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The Law Office of Katia Teirstein PLLC is a boutique New York City immigration law firm assisting tattoo artists from around the world. Did you know that tattoo artists can get a visa to work in the United States? Connect with us to learn more about O-1 visas and EB-1 green cards! 


Darwin Enriquez

Darwin is a world-renowned Tattoo Artist from Venezuela, now working at Inknation studio, in New York City.


Darwin is a master of the hyperrealism genre of tattooing, which has taken him around the world, winning countless awards at international tattoo conventions. Already considered to be one of the best tattoo artists in hyperrealism, Darwin continues to serve as a pioneer in the field and produces ground-breaking work in New York City.


Our firm has successfully secured both an O-1B visa and an EB-1 Green Card for Darwin based on his extraordinary ability in the field.

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Yomico Moreno

Yomico is an internationally acclaimed Venezuelan Tattoo Artist. For nearly two decades, Yomico has been a pioneer in the field of tattoo realism. Today, Yomico has made New York City his home and continues to travel the world where he stars as a featured guest artist at some of the industry’s most notable tattoo conventions and festivals.


In 2014 Yomico was named “Artist of the Year” at the renowned World Wide Tattoo Conference in Venice, Italy and in April 2019, CNN published a feature story about Yomico’s incredible career and artwork—just two highlights of a long list of career achievements.


Our firm has successfully secured both an O-1B visa and an EB-1 Green Card for Yomico based on his extraordinary ability in the field.

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Henry Anglas

Henry is Tattoo Artist from Peru and is hailed throughout the industry as one of the main referents in the genre of realism. After years of traveling the world where he won top awards at international conventions and led seminars in realism, today Henry can be found at Paul Booth’s legendary studio, Last Rites Tattoo Theatre, in New York City.


In 2018 Henry literally wrote the book on tattooing. Entitled Anyone Can Tattoo, Henry details tattooing fundamentals and techniques gained throughout his years of experience. 


Our firm has successfully secured an O-1B visa for Henry based on his extraordinary ability in the field.

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The O-1B visa is for tattoo artists who have “extraordinary ability in the arts.” To qualify for this non-immigrant work visa, you must demonstrate that you are distinguished in the field through extensive documentation, such as proof of prizes, press articles, work at prestigious studios, recommendation letters from fellow artists, high salary, and more.

The O-1 application must be petitioned for by a Sponsor, which is most often the studio where you will be working in the United States. If you will be working for multiple studios, you can submit an itinerary of work and the application can be filed by one “Agent” on behalf of all of your employers.

There is no maximum period of time that you can remain in the United States on the O-1, although each initial application is valid for a maximum period of 3 years.


It is important to speak with a qualified immigration attorney to evaluate the details of your case. Please contact us for a free consultation.


The EB-1 green card is the most prestigious employment-based green card and it is reserved for those artists who are leading in the field. Unlike the O-1 visa, which is a temporary work visa, the EB-1 classifies you and your family members as permanent residents in the United States.

While the criteria for the EB-1 Green Card are similar to the O-1 visa, this application is heavily scrutinized by U.S. immigration. You must demonstrate that you have sustained acclaim in the field, through documents such as press articles in major publications, top prizes at the leading conventions and competitions, original contributions to the field, testimonials from fellow leading artists, extensive followers on social media, work displayed at exhibitions, sponsorships, judging tattoo conventions, high salary, and more.

You must demonstrate that you will continue to work as a tattoo artist in the United States when you have the Green Card, but you can self-petition the green card application (you do not need a petitioning studio or employer).


The EB-1 Green Card is complex and requires a considerable amount of documentation, research, and careful evaluation from a qualified immigration attorney. Please contact us to evaluate your case.



Katia Teirstein 

Founding Partner, Attorney at Law

Originally from Seattle, Katia graduated from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in 2010 and has made New York City her home ever since. Katia is a member of the New York State Bar since 2011, as well as an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (“AILA”), the New York State Bar Association, and the French-American Chamber of Commerce. She is also a member of the highly selective New York Metro “Super Lawyers” and has been named a Rising Star within the practice area of Immigration 2015 - 2020. 


Katia studied at a lycée in North-Eastern France as a teenager, where she learned to speak French. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, snowboarding, cheering on her beloved New York Yankees, and exploring New York City. An avid runner, most mornings you’ll find her running with her two dogs in Central Park or on the trails of Westchester County. She has run the New York City, Chicago, and Boston marathons.



Jasmine Leiselsen



If it wasn't obvious from her photo, Jasmine Leiselsen is the identical twin sister of attorney Katia Teirstein. After a career in the snowboarding industry, Jasmine joined her sister at the firm in 2014. She has a Bachelor’s degree in English and Comparative History from the University of Washington in Seattle.


Jasmine divides her time between New York City, Seattle, and the Cascade mountains, where she is an avid snowboarder and hiker. She enjoys traveling and adventure (she has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia, as well as a six-week snowboarding road trip throughout the Canadian and U.S. Rocky Mountains). Jasmine loves spending time in New York City and (much to her sister’s dismay) rooting on the Seattle Mariners when they play the Yankees in the Bronx.


Jasmine loves tattoo art and has a full tattoo sleeve done by artist Kyle Stacher at Tiger Clue in Portland, Oregon.

Amilla Sather

Case Manager


Amilla is our newest team member and became good friends with Jasmine through their love of snowboarding together. She was born and raised in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. Amilla attended Bellevue College where she studied Applied Sciences. She has had an extensive career in service industry which inspired her deep passion for food. Her first trip to New York was completely focused on eating! Fun fact: Amilla has two cats which are identical brothers named Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig. Twins are a common theme around here!


Amilla sought out her first tattoo on her 18th birthday. She’s continued to collect pieces from multiple various artists and counting. Justin Norman, Amilla’s fiancée, has graciously gifted her with many beautiful, nature-inspired custom pieces. She’s also received many pieces from her long-time friend Nate Leslie (Neotraditional-MOPOP Featured Artist- ‘Body of Work-Tattoo Culture’). Both of which are currently artists at Supergenius Tattoo in Seattle.


10 Random Facts About Us


  1. Katia and Jasmine are identical twins. Katia is two minutes older.

  2. Katia is fluent in French and lived in France as a teenager.

  3. Jasmine has a phobia of hummingbirds.

  4. Katia completed the “Phall Challenge” (a spicy curry eating competition) at the Brick Lane Curry House in New York City. She received a certificate and one free beer. Indian food is both Katia and Jasmine’s favorite food.

  5. Both Katia and Jasmine love dogs. Katia has two and Jasmine has one.

  6. They love to snowboard and have matching tattoos paying homage to their home in the Cascade Mountains.

  7. Jasmine is a “true crime” junkie.

  8. Katia had green hair and Jasmine had blue hair in high school (they were grunge kids in Seattle in the 1990s.)

  9. “Bucket List” Stuff: Katia – to run all six of the Abbott World Marathon Majors (she’s already halfway there!). Jasmine – to travel to Nepal and hike to Everest basecamp.

  10. Katia and Jasmine both love spinning and are featured in a “Great Big Story” about the law firm and their Peloton bikes.

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